B.C. Print started with two guys out of Kansas City/Lawrence being enthralled with the gigposters sold at local shows.  From our love of music and desire to join this Gigposter world we started a very bare-bones and diy print setup.  We trial and errored our way through producing our first prints with hand mixed emulsion and housepaint, staying up late for 25 minute exposure times only to fail and try again.

B.C. stands for before common era or before Christ print; our caveman method of hammering through an already, some would consider, outdated mode of art reproduction is how we cut our teeth in the print world.  As lovers of illustration and animation, screenprinting seemed like a whole other art form, or a craft unto itself.  Screen printing requires consistent conditions on the paper, in the studio and even in the outside world; a humid day can ruin a print run.  The layering of colors requires a keen eye and running your hand over a freshly finished print is enchanting.  Feeling the textures of the multiple color layers and knowing the struggle it takes to create seemingly perfect reproductions clinched the method for us. 

Now, after splitting between KC and NYC, and adding a third man, we’re touring with art fairs, creating gigposters for bands we love, and printing other artist’s work.  Starting in 2010 the caveman method of printing stands in tact while we’re smoothing over the wheel.

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